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Q1, So Kevin, first things first, Good to be back?

A, Its excellent to be back, i was so relieved when I signed up and getting on on Saturday was incredible, it was good to get back in front of the Stair Park crowd again. Its funny actually, there are so many faces in the crowd that you recognise and it felt superb.

Q2, How did the move back to the club come about Kev?

A, Well it was known that things were not going too well for me at Stenny, and i had heared a wee rumour that Stranraer may have been interested in signing me again. And obviously i know many of the lads here and put some feelers out. I had spoken to Neil twice at the start of the season about staying on, Neil invited me up to training, we had a wee chat and that was pretty much that. I did have a couple of offers from other second division clubs, however there wa only one club i was going to come back to.

Q3, When you left in the summer, some fans had been saying that maybe your timing was a little off. When did your deal with Stenny come about?

A, I would strongly disagree with that Gary. My move came about mid-summer, as i’ve mentioned i had held talks with Neil Watt twice before i made my decision. I actually came very close to re-signing, there were external factors though. I was getting married at around about that time so going to a club a wee bit closer to home appealed and obviously you want to play in as higher division as possible. In the summer when the window opens, all sorts of things are put in front of you and you have to look at the options, but as for the timing it must have been very late June, even early July before I went to Stenny. I hope that clarifies the matter, i certainly didnt jump ship, this club is close to my heart and it was a very difficult (and busy!) time.

Q4, So good to see so many old faces then?

A, Absolutely brilliant, obviously i kept in touch with everyone at the club, the likes of Jenks, Sharpy, Stevie Aitken and so on. Everyone has been great and its been very easy to settle back in.

Q5, What are your impressions of Neil Watt and Stuart Millar?

A, Since i have been back they have been different class. Training has been good with lots of variety in it as well as some really good techniques. The things that strike you with them immediately is their enthusiasm for both the game and for Stranraer Football Club. They are very approachable, you can speak to them about things on and off the park and they are clearly good people managers. They have this club working together as a close unit and are striving to get promotion again to get us up, this club should never have come down.

Q6, Have you been impressed by the standard of the new arrivals such as Stephen Swift, Murray Henderson and so on?

A, Very much so! Swifty’s played at a much higher level, Andy McCondachie has obviously played for Celtic and Davey Graham is proving his worth too. There’s not really been one signing that i can think of that does not impress, and long may it continue! (We wont mention Andy Essler or Jamie McDonald eh! GL).

Q7, Were you sad leaving stenny?

A, I was sad in the manner that i left Stenny. I went there to play for a team challenging at the top of the table, but we ended up scrapping it out at the bottom and there were other considerations behind the scenes. I don’t regret going to Stenny and i have certainly learned from the experience and am probably a better player for that. Im glad im back at Stranraer and i am confident of my ability, as soon as i get a chance in the team i will be able to hold on and keep the shirt.

Q8, Were you surprised at how well Stranraer had adapted to Division 3 and were progressing in the division?

A, Not at all!! Knowing the players at the club i knew that the players would be good enough to do well in this division, as ive said this club should never have come down. Many of these guys were brought in to win promotion to division 1 and they are quality. These players have been complimented well by good signings, but i always expected us to well in this division.

Q9, Where did the nickname “Gucci” Come From??

A, (laughs briskly!) I don’t know it just came from school probably because it goes well with Gaughan, its certainly nothing to do with me going around in decent clothes! I quite like it though its catchy.

Q10, Thats the hard set out of the way, now for some tat questions!! Starting with Music! What type of music are you into? Most people say R&B, hip hop and other popular kids toys!

A, Im a pop type of person really, im not into that rappy stuff. I like stuff like Bryan Adams, ive been to see him live 5 or 6 times!

Q11, Favorite Food? Chicken by any chance?

A, As much as i like chicken i would have to go for a good Spag Bol!

Q12, Favorite Drink?

A, Im tee-total Gaz, I would say Irn-Bru.

Q13, Where about do you live?

A, I moved to Stepps in the summer after i got married.

Q14, What is your favorite non-old firm team?

A, I would say Partick Thistle after we played there a wee while back, got a soft spot for them.

Q15, Last but by no means least, do you ever visit the clubs website?

A, That’s a yes, apart from a month ago when i was offline for a few weeks i have checked in and caught up with the latest goings on. Always good to read the boards as well, you can’t beat the feedback that comes from the fans, at the end of the day they pay their hard earned money to get in and support the club and their opinion is much more relevant than what you read in some of the press

Name: Graham Guy

  • Place & Date of Birth: 15/8/83, Bellshill
  • Position: Defence
  • Interviewed: Not Yet!

Name: Murray Henderson

Place & Date of Birth: 15/6/80, Lanark

Position: Defence

Interviewed: 05/11/03

Interview: –

  • Name: Murray Henderson
  • Date Of Birth: 15/06/80
  • Height and Weight: 6ft 3″ and 12 Stone 10

Where do you Live?: Carluke

What is your favorite non-old firm team?: Greenock Morton

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Drink: Jack Daniels and Coke

Who’s the best player you have played with, and why? Peter Whetherson of Greenock Morton, quality player, he was a real handful and I learned a lot from playing against him in the cup game. It was an experience but you learn from playing well, but you can learn lots in defeat playing against guys like him.

Pet Hates?: Lateness

What do you do in your spare time?: Well I don’t actually get much spare time, but the spare time I do have I spend studying.

Favorite Music: Stone Roses.

Favorite TV?: CSi

Favorite Away Ground?: Favorite away ground I would like to play at is Ibrox. Would love to get them if we progress in the cup.

Are you pleased with the start you have made to your Stranraer career? Yes, I am. Its taken me a short while to bed in, obviously adjusting to the higher level and standard of football, but the lads have all united very quickly. I’m really enjoying my time at the club, as are all of the lads and that’s showed in the team spirit and the standard of football that I and we are playing.

Is it true you nearly signed for us a year ago?: Yes that’s right, I had talks with Billy McLaren who was the manager at the time, and played in a trial game, but I was unable to commit at the time. Im doing an Architecture course and the year ahead required me to undertake a work placement in an office. I didn’t want to join the team and not be able to concentrate on my game because of my work, it was more sensible to leave it for a while. I was fortunate because the club did not forget about me and came back in for me in the summer and I jumped at the chance to sign.

Given our good start do you think there is enough strength at the club to keep it going?: Definitely. I think you are going to see the best of us come out now. It has taken us a little tome to gel, but we are reaching a stage now where we are a good team unit. This has been reflected in results I feel and to be in this position after just over a quarter of the season is good for us. Having played all of the teams in the division now, we are in a position to make an assessment, and to be honest on our day, there is no reason why we cannot beat any of the teams in the division.

Are you surprised by what other teams have done – or more to the point, Haven’t so far?: Yes to a point. Obviously with the publicity that Gretna were getting before the season, I thought they would have got off to a good start. I was a little surprised that they have taken time to get in gear, as the quality of player they have brought in maybe should have brought them a good start. On the other hand, Stirling Albion have surprised me on the flip side of that, they have come out of the blocks really quickly, I don’t know if that will catch up with them towards the end of the season. Albion and Peterhead are still in the pack, if any of these teams get a similar run to what we have had i.e. 5 or 6 wins then they are right back in contention. We are focused though and are more concerned at our own performances but we are aware of what’s going on throughout the table.

Murray, Do you ever get a chance to view the clubs website?: I do yes, I particularly like reading the forum, its good to know what the fans are thinking about certain things and its good to see the issues the fans are raising. No matter what the result the feedback on the boards seems to remain positive and/or constructive and for us it is a good form of contact with the fans.

Do you have any message for the fans? Absolutely, please continue to support us as you have been, the backing that we have had has been superb, and as im playing more games at the club, its good getting to know some of the familiar faces, as well as seeing some new faces coming to the ground. Thanks for your support, it makes a real difference.

Name: Allan Jenkins

  • Place & Date of Birth: 7/10/81
  • Position: Midfield
  • Interviewed: 22nd October 2003

Interview: –

Height and Weight: 6ft 1″ and 12 Stone

Where do you Live?: Stranraer

What is your favorite non-old firm team?: Manchester United

Favorite Food: Chicken

Favorite Drink: Milk

Who’s the best player you have played with, and why? Duncan George. Because he showed me some good moves as well as pulling me to one side every now and again to show me the ropes of being a good central midfielder.

Pet Hates: Players who “dive” to gain an advantage in a game and people who call it “Sportsmanship”

What do you do in your spare time? I go out and play snooker with my mates, as well as having a go on the Playstation 2.

Favorite Music: Rap and Rn’B

Favorite TV: Soccer a:m

Favorite Away Ground? Hampden Park

Hopes for Stranraer this season? After playing all of the teams now i am hoping we can achieve Promotion!

Do you ever visit the clubs website? Yes i do, its good to see what the fans think.

Any message for the fans? Keep behind the team and keep backing us as you can be assured that the boys will be giving 110%.

Allan, What do you think of the season so far? We have battled really well so far, and in my personal opinion we are in a better position than i thought we would be at this stage. We just have to consolidate and build on it.

Do you think that we can hold on to the promotion spot come the end of the season? I would like to think we can hold on to 2nd position. We know the standard of this division now and its not going to be easy.

Allan, are you surprised by how other teams have started this season? Im not particularly surprised about any of the teams so far, except may be Peterhead who seem to keep dropping points. Im more concerned about our own performances at the moment to be honest though.

Allan, What about Davey Graham’s Silver boots eh? Im not over bothered about his silver boots as long as he keeps scoring. Obviously i can’t really say much as i had silver boots for a wee while last season.

Lastly, Stirling games coming up, are the lads up for it? It will definately be a difficult game. We should have won when we last played them when i was unlucky enough to miss a penalty. Having said that, with the amount of chances that we had, we could have won the game in open play and done better. Both teams are definately on form and it will be a tense game but with both teams going for a win.


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